Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 P90X, my new best friend that I love to hate!  I started this program 9 days ago, so I am officially 1/10th of the way through the program.  So far, every muscle in my body has ached, been sore, and given out. But, I believe I am over the first big hill.  I enjoy working out and being active and I like having a routine and set think this will be a good fit for me!

Life, work, church, family all seem to be busy. Although we have no house guest we have still remained extremely active.  Last week we had our entire street over for coffee and dessert!  No one RSVP'd, but everyone showed up. It was funny...this was the first thing like this Tory and I have done, but we hope to make it more frequent.  The interesting thing was how excited everyone was about the event.  Everyone seemed relieved.  Like they had been wanting to meet their neighbors, but did not feel comfortable.  The really funny thing, the oldest couple on the block (82 and 78) stayed the longest!  They finally went home at 10:00!  It is amazing what a little coffee, good eats, and an open house will do.

I am in San Diego on business this week. So far, this place is amazing!  The weather is unbelievable, the views are unbelievable, and I am anxious to look around. As I flew in last night the sun was setting on the Pacific Ocean and it was gorgeous from the plane.  I kicked myself when I realized I left my camera at the house.  Every time I come to a place like this on business I always wish Tory could be here.  We would have a blast exploring this town and I would love to see her excitement.

Caney Creek smoked it's first bacon bellies this past weekend and they turned out really good!  Great flavor, but a little salty. I also applied the second round of salt to the hams we are curing.  It was a cold weekend spent in solitude, but worth it in the end!  I also got to see a lot of wild life.  The ducks are moving through really good right now and multiple times a day I could sneak over to the pond and see as many as 60 mallards. Again, I left my camera at home for some reason.  Juno also had a great time.  She never stops moving when we are up there. You fire up the 4 wheeler and she is ready to go!

Have a great rest of the week!

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