Monday, January 17, 2011

Empty House

Tory and I are officially empty nesters.  Dina, our Cameroonian roommate, officially moved out yesterday and headed back to the dorm at UALR!  As a result, our house is now extremely quiet!  It is quite nice! We wish her the best, and I am sure that we will continue to get our weekly dose of Dina in some format.

Upon embarking on this last adventure, we were extremely hesitant. We were mainly being selfish and not wanting to relent our house to God's work. Thankfully we were obedient and listened to Gods calling.  I am not sure that we have seen the complete blessing of our obedience or the complete work that God is going to do in Dina through us, but we are excited to be on that journey.  He has taught us many things! Unfortunately, He showed us a lot that we can work on!  We continue to pray that God will use us, our house, our resources, and time to bless others. As long as we pray this prayer, He will give us opportunities!

Tory spent the weekend in Houston visiting our good friends the Henderson's.  I was jealous I didn't get to go, but I am glad that she got to spend some good quality time with Chanie. Their time together is few and far between, but I know it energizes my wife.

Today is a start of a new Mark!  One that is hungry and sore!  I am starting P90X today. It is a fitness program and diet plan designed to get old soft bellies like me back in prime condition. I am looking forward to it and the challenge that lies ahead! I am glad I have a few buddies to share in the pain with me (Ryan, Grant, and Art)! I am sure you will hear updates in future blogging about my successes and failures!

Went duck hunting with a church buddy this weekend and had a great time.  Did not grow up doing much Duck hunting, because my dad never really did any. But, I believe I could get addicted pretty easy.  It is hard to describe the excitement and beauty of ducks landing in front of you on the water. Unfortunately, in AR it can be an extremely expensive hobby and its all about who you know.

Tory and I are hosting our first "Block Party" tomorrow night. We were challenged by our church to share a meal with our neighbors, so Tory and I decided to invited the entire street (11 houses) over for coffee and dessert.  It should be interesting.  The 11 houses could not be more diverse! We have no agenda set, other than to socialize! Fill free to come over!

Saw my nephew over the weekend.  He continues to drink milk about as fast as Tory's Jeep Liberty drinks gas! He really likes sitting up, but his neck muscles are not quite 100%. Therefore, I refer to him as Bobble-Head Landon.  He is a good baby unless he is hungry, wet, or has gas!  Fix those problems and he is back to being a great baby.

Have a great week!

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