Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Much Going On!

We have too much going on!

Last week we participated in Olivia's annual Christmas party.  This year was line dancing and pizza.  A dangerous combination for any group of 6th grade girls.  the highlight of the evening was when the 6th grade boys who were at basketball practice peaked in and were caught!  It sent the girls into a frenzy!  There was not a drill instructor in the world that could have got the girls back in line to participate in anything after that moment.
Other hilarious observations:
  • There cannot be more than 3 bathroom stalls at the place where we were, yet if one girl needed to go to the bathroom all of a sudden 13-15 other girls needed to go.
  • You never have a 6th grade girl say "don't take my picture".  They are all more than willing to participate.
  • You officially begin your awkward stage in 6th grade.  I know I did.
  • I managed to see my old basketball coach for the first time in probably 8 years while wearing a hot pink bandanna,
My grandfather has been in the hospital for the past 9 days now with some heart issues.  The latest news is he will be getting a pacemaker sometime over the next month. He seems to be doing well and is not in a lot of pain, except boredom.  We are hoping he will be able to come home soon.  He does have his laptop, iphone, and Ipad with him though!  Hopefully he can read this and know we are thinking about him!  I look forward to seeing him over Christmas.

At our small group Christmas party I experienced for the first time a little thing called White Hot Chocolate!
Ohhh my!  It might be my new favorite thing.  If you are thinking that sound like it would be wonderful....it is!
I have been looking for it in local stores, but have yet to stumble upon it!  No worries...I will find it.

We also had a Tennessee Pride Christmas party this weekend.  We went to Dam Good Pies in Little Rock for some good pizza and then back to our house for some dessert, coffee, and apple cider.  It was a good time had by all!

We have finally settled our Christmas plans and it looks like we will be in West Memphis for a day and then up to Alpena for the weekend. It looks like Alpena will be a packed house, but should be a lot of fun. This will be the first time we have taken the boys to the farm and I know they will love it.  I just hope it is warm enough to get out and show them a couple of things.

Dina convinced Tory and I to watch Prison Break with her on DVD and we are officially hooked!  We are about 2/3 of the way though season 1 and we are all anxious to see what happens next. 

Have a great week!

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