Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Happens When You Open Your House!

Tory and I opened up our house this summer to two Rwandan students, Theophile and Narcisse.  It was a blast and we shared so many laughs and memories.  Theophile started school at UALR and became friends with a girl name Dina who needed a place to live for the semester.  Theophile glady gave her our contact information and recommended that we were a great place to live!  God put her on our heart and we gladly welcomed her to live with us.  Dina has been living with us for about 5 weeks now and mentioned to us this morning about one of her Saudi Arabian friends that would like to live with us starting in March!  This gentleman was at least willing to pay rent!

We quickly explained that the Lewis Dormitory was a need base only. However, making a little rent money did not sound too bad!

Tory and I could not help but laugh!  We are the most popular international off campus housing development!

Tory and I prayed that our house would be used as a tool for God and that he would give us the opportunities to use it.  So far, he is keeping up His end of the bargin!


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