Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cold Season

I hate waking up being able to breath only out of one nostril, a sore throat from snoring all night, and a constant feeling of snot dripping out of your nose. Yes, I have a cold!  In fact, Tory and Dina have a cold as well.

A cold often seems unavoidable. No matter the precautions you may take, they will still find you and more than likely at an inopportune time.  I headed to Kansas this week to go bird hunting with my Dad and some old Nashville buddies and I could not think of anything I would rather leave behind than this cold.  Not to mention, my father may be the biggest "germaphobe" ever! I will never hear the end of it if I manage to get him sick.

A cold can not keep my spirits down about this trip though. I am looking forward to a trip with my Dad and an opportunity to catch up with Ryan, Art and Al.  Stories will be told by the thousands.  All of them over exaggerated with a smidgen of truth tied in.  I have heard many of them probably 15 times, but I will still laugh and enjoy hearing them again. The best part is the stories that will be created this year, as inevitably someone will do something that will gain them a year of shame until the next time we can hunt together. I can hardly wait!

The other thing I really enjoy about trips like this is seeing my father in his element.  He comes alive hunting for birds and becomes almost child like. It is infectious.  He can get everyone excited and passionate about what we are doing or make everyone laugh as he demands for more shells after missing multiple birds. I am fortunate to have an active father who pursues time with me and takes time to share life, provide wisdom, guidance, and is a Godly man. I look forward to our long weekend together.

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