Friday, July 29, 2011

Memphis, The Beach, and a Baby

Lewis clan continues to not slow down. I have no idea why we cannot seem to put on the brakes, but it seems for the time being that out life will continue to move at warp speed.
This past weekend we spent time in different locations. Tory headed west to the Beach in North Carolina for some rest and relaxation with some old law school girlfriends and I headed to Memphis to aid Justin Hill in a house sitting job and visit my grandparent. 
Memphis was a good trip! I enjoyed a restful morning with my granddaddy and grandmother in West Memphis, AR. They treated me to a delicious BLT with a home grown tomato from the next door neighbor and showed me around the additions to the little house. My favorite moment came when my grandfather of 80 years old made a comment about wishing he felt like walking more. My grandmother said “Well Marvin, where do you want to walk to?”. Granddaddy simply replied “well…I might want to walk down the street or walk around wal-mart.” Grandmother quickly replied with a comment suggesting he could use one of the electric motorized carts to get around in Wal-mart, to which he simply replied “I am not sure if I could bring myself to that level!”  I laughed out loud!
I love my grandparents (both sets). I love the role they have played in my life and I am thankful my son will have two sets of active grandparents in his life. 
Saturday night Justin took a group of guys to his favorite BBQ place in Memphis called the Cozy Corner. I had the wing and rib combo. I have never had BBQ that I did not like! After dinner we headed to the Mississippi River for a sunset canoe ride. It was awesome! I wish we would have gone farther. But it was a nice little ride (3-4 miles) under the bridge and around Mud Island. It was interesting watching the barges pass and being in the swift current. Fortunately, I was teamed up with Brad and he managed to snap some good shots which I know he is going to send me!
Tory headed out on her 2nd vacation of the year to the beaches of North Carolina! I am not bitter. She managed to catch a little sunburn in between resting and relaxing.  We have spent most of the week putting aloe and coco butter on her back and legs.  I specifically told her not to get her belly burned because I did not want my little man getting cooked any faster.
We have officially started the nesting phase of pregnancy and it is wearing me out. I have been all over Little Rock getting whatever I am told to get. Unfortunately, I have not been the best sport. I had to get talked to about my attitude.  It is better now!
It is hard to believe how fast this time is flying. He will be here in 2 months! I have trouble wrapping my head around that I will meet my son in 2 months! Thankfully we still have several baby classes before we get him! Tory is praying I pass. Me too.
We have our big shower this weekend too! Special thanks to Dianne, Margret, Casey, Sarah, Mom, and Olivia for putting this on for Tory. We are both appreciative for all the work and hosting.
Still no name.  I think we are close…but still no name.

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  1. My all time favorite line: "I had to get talked to about my attitude. It is better now!" Glad you guys are doing well! Can't wait to meet the little man!