Friday, July 8, 2011

Jungle, 4th, and Baby Update

I wanted to update the blog when I had time to upload jungle pictures and give you a brief narrative about my trip. Well, I am still not their yet.
God did some amazing things in our 11 days. We were able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his salvation to several villages during our stay.
In one particular village, we began preaching when this man came walking through the group gathered to listen and everyone moved quickly to get out of his way.
He appeared to be in a trance like state and you could see the fear in everyone’s eyes. I was quickly told he was the local “shaman” or witch doctor. He headed out of sight and I thought no more of it.
Concluding the sermon, we began to visit several houses of those gathered and began praying for them and their families. During this process we sat to talk with a woman who requested we come to her house and she expressed her desire to follow Christ.  We walked her through what that meant and what was required for her do that. (This culture believes there are spirits in everything and adding another person to worship is not a big deal to them, but when you explain to them they have to let the others go, you run into some issues.) Amazingly, she agreed to turn from sacrificing and worshiping the other spirits and follow Christ!  Not wanting to coach her in her profession of faith we asked her to pray to God what she felt she needed to ask Him.  What came out of her mouth was the most sweet profession of faith I have ever heard. I could not have scripted it any better. I was in tears listening to this woman pray to her new found hope.
Upon returning to the boats to head home we noticed several things had changed. There was a table set up with beer and food on it, white marking on the ground, a white flag raised and new leaves hanging over the entrance to the village.
We were informed from a local villager that the Shaman had put a protective “hex” on the village to keep us and our God out! The good news was…No Hex can keep my God out!
My friend took this picture of me standing on what they called the “demon cross”. You can see the items described above behind me in the picture.
I love this picture! God wants to use us for His glory and to accomplish His task! And NOTHING can stop us!

I have plenty more stories to tell!
I appreciate your prayers over the trip.

Tory and I spent the 4th of July relaxing in the Ouachita Mts. At the Law cabin. We literally ate, slept, and planned the next meal! It was wonderful.  People keep telling us that we need to be soaking this time up before little runt get here, so I am glad to know we are taking advantage of it.
I also got my hams smoked over the weekend. Dad literally did all the work. But he did a great job! They look a delicious golden brown.  Upon arrival at the cabin we did notice some damage that the smokehouse had incurred. Upon investigation we found claw marks and bear hair in the smokehouse. Not a good sign! As bummed as I would be to lose 260 lbs of cured country ham, losing them to a wild bear would be a pretty good story.
Baby Lewis is growing like a weed and kicking like a mule. We are the 27 week mark! That means only 13 weeks to go! We are completely registered and even have our birthing class this Saturday.  All day birthing class! I am really excited about it (insert sarcastic tone).  The next major task to tackle is naming the little boy.  We have it narrowed down to 4 names, but we have yet to officially select one.  We are currently on a naming hold. Although Tory continues to call him by the name she prefers. We also call him Jickey John as a family inside joke.  Tory continues to have a wonderful pregnancy. She is running 3-4 times a week averaging 3 miles! She looks funny running with the big belly!

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