Thursday, December 29, 2011

Levi Laughing!

Tory can verify, I anxiously awaited the day I could make Levi Laugh. I finally cracked his stern baby exterior about 2 week ago! I have not stopped trying to make him laugh since!
Below if a video taken right before bath time!
I have watched it at least a dozen times. It is amazing how much we love this little man.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lewis Christmas Update

2011 came rushing in with a January announcement that Tory was pregnant and has not stopped moving here in December as we prepare to take our 11-week-old son Levi on his first Christmas tour of Arkansas. Wow, what a year!
It is true…our lives have changed forever. Changed for the good!  We have only had our precious son for 11 weeks, but already it is hard to remember what we did before he was born.  Levi has been a great baby and an absolute joy to our lives.  The first few months have definitely not all been easy sailing though.  Levi was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis (a tummy issue) that required surgery at Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.  With a lot of prayer and some help from family, Levi did great and recovered like a champ!  He now enjoys hammering bottles down, filling up diapers, and sleeping it off wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Ohh the life!

Tory has started a third year of clerking, but with a new judge! Tory now works for the Honorable Judge Lavenski Smith of United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Her current clerkship with Judge Smith will expire at the end of August and Tory will make her law debut into private practice as she joins the Friday Firm in Little Rock. Apart from being a law savvy lady, Tory is enjoying being a mother! Probably more than anyone anticipated!  No matter your stage of life, Tory will try to convince you that you need a baby!  It has been a joy watching her walk into this role as she has done so with such grace and a heart full of love.
Mark is still peddling pork and pork accessories for a living! His family is convinced that it is impossible to purchase a package of sausage without a free coupon.  Mark enjoys his many hobbies from cycling to ham smoking and is always willing to tell a story or a bad joke. He is also enjoying being a dad and was relieved when he could finally make Levi laugh. Mark also made a second trip into the Amazon Jungle with an evangelism team from church. Thankfully this year his leg did not almost fall off and he remained relatively healthy upon his return.

Juno is the big loser this year. It is hard adjusting to a younger brother. She still lives inside and despite many fears is actually really good with Levi! But, she definitely believes that she is not getting the attention she deserves. Juno also managed to get sprayed by a skunk this year.
In reflecting over 2011, it is obvious that God has been faithful to our family once again. He continues to provide more blessings than we deserve. It is our prayer that we would be faithful with the resources and blessings he has given us to bring glory to His name.
Merry Christmas from the Lewis Family!