Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boy Ohh Boy!

I’m having a little boy! How exciting! What man doesn’t dream of having a little boy? I find myself day dreaming what we will do together, traditions we will have, projects we will work on, going to his games, etc… it is overwhelming! It was amazing sitting in that room and waiting on the nurse to tell us it was a boy. I think it was more exciting than finding out we were pregnant. It is no longer an “it” or a baby, it is a boy in there!
Now Tory and I have entered into the battle for names! Fortunately, Tory and I have about 5 that we agree on and would be completely happy with. Therefore, our problem is narrowing it down to our favorite one!  We do know that his last name will be Lewis; meaning he will be the first Lewis of his generation!  Carrying on the Lewis name is a very cool thing.  I am excited to pass it on.  It has served me well for the past 27 years and I hope it will do the same for my son.
My Little Man!

On other baby fronts, we are behind. We have not registered for anything. We don’t have child care lined up. We don’t have a clue about the nursery. No worries, Tor will put a task list together and we will probably complete it in a 2 day period. She is fierce like that!

Last weekend we had graduation fun in NWA for Tory’s cousin Ashley and Caleb. It was great hanging with that part of the family! After a 2 hour ceremony and a plate full of AQ chicken I was ready for a nap. Ashley and Caleb both have great scholarships and are headed to two great colleges! Congrats to both of them!
Ashley and Tory

Proud Parents

Caleb and Ashley

Happy Mother and Son

Congrats for 2011

I totally talked Ashley into standing next to the AQ Chicken!

Memorial Day weekend was also a great time! Spent at the cabin with Family! Juno ran so much she could barely walk when we got home. It was the perfect mix of fun, work, and relaxation. If I could manage a 3 day weekend every week, life would be pretty sweet.
The barn my Grandfather built

Big Landon!

Juno loves swimming!

Have a great week!