Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tory and I have not been home a single weekend since the middle of April! But, we have had quite the adventure. Two weeks ago we spent time in Alpena working cattle with the John. It was a slower than normal process due to one of our best cattle hands, Tory, was severely limited due to whole pregnancy issue. However, she still looked good despite being able to button her cow working jeans!
Tory and I aided John in rebuilding the lot area where we work cattle in Dec and this was the first full go around on the new equipment!  I love it!  More gates, safer, and a new head chute! Most will find this difficult to relate to and get excited about, but compare it to driving an old truck for years only to discover they make a newer model with airbags, power windows, and cruise control.
I love messing with the cows. It is nice being outside, getting your hands dirty (poopy), and enjoying a hard day of work.  My favorite part is rounding the cows up or taking them back.  I like watching them walk and seeing the excitement of a new patch of grass.  It is a great part time gig!

Lacing up the work boots!

Newly designed lot.

Slacker of the bunch.

Typical View for the weekend.

We had enough!

Juno and Blue did not get to participate.

Tory in action!

We also went to Houston this past weekend to spend time with our good friends Matt and Chanie. It was a short visit, but a good one! They took us to an Astros game where we all managed to get sunburned.  They also treated us to some delicious food hot spots, I am still full from the weekend.  The pancakes were my favorite though!
Early Sat morning Tory decided she needed to enjoy the cool Houston air and decided to out on the back patio.  Completely ignoring the lecture given by Chanie the previous night about opening any window or door until the alarm had been turned off, Tory innocently went outside. As you can imagine, the next 4 minutes can only be described as pure chaos.  Tory simply stood in front of the device frantically waving her arms hoping this would disarm it.  It did not. Thankfully, Chanie appeared to save the day. Lesson for the Henderson’s…don’t plan on sleeping in with the Lewis’ around.
The Wolfe’s were also hanging around in Houston and were kind enough to grace us with their presence for the game and lunch as well.  Kimberly was the unsung hero of the trip. She scoured the ball park and bought the last 5 packets of sunscreen at the game.  If it had not been for Kimberly, I might be in the ICU with 5th degree burns to my large forehead and nose.  Watching us spread the ketchup style packet over our bodies was quite a sight. You could have not squeezed a molecule more of sunscreen out of the packet Thomas was using. It was amazing.  Thank you Kimberly!

Finally, next week is a big week! Monday at 8:30 we find out what baby Lewis is! I have about decided I think it is a girl.  Strangely, I am excited about that though.  I think I would love a little girl!  Tory is horrified by the thought of me having a girl, knowing my push over tendencies. But of course, what father to be would not want a little boy to carry on his name, play baseball and wrestle with!  Basically, I am trilled either way! Bring it on!